Who we are

KMC MINING is a registered (pty) Ltd company. Its primary objective is in the Earthmoving business where its initial focus is on the transport of minerals (IRON ORE, CHROME, PLATINUM MATERIAL, COAL etc.) from mining companies to the end users or to the ports of export.

We are a South African company, black-controlled, owned by previous black disadvantage individuals who have a common vision



KMC Mining is to become a leading player in the Africa’s transport- and mining sector. The founder is determined to make a presence in the economy.


KMC Mining aim is to acquire mining rights through a process of merging and acquisitions together with competent mining stakeholders, that also bring mining knowledge and expertise to the company.


The primary strategy of the company is to grow members’ value measured by its intrinsic net asset value, tagging along the principles of transformation.